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Trip To Magnolia

To say this trip was overdue is a major understatement.  I’ve lived in Texas for almost 3 years, I can’t believe it took me so long to visit.  I started watching their show in the first season and immediately was hooked.  Their email subscription is one of the only emails actually opened in my flooded inbox.  Everything about their sweet story, successful show, and new Silo Shop is inspiring! It’s so fun to watch their momentum explode.

When Danny was interviewing for Medical school all over TX, we drove through Waco a number of times but were always on a time crunch, (both having limited days off work), so unfortunately we never stopped.  Once we even passed Joanna’s farmhouse in Waco and I begged Danny to pull over so I could snap a pic, he refused calling me a creepy stalker lol.. probably true.   The magnificent magnolia market lived up to everything I could have imagined.  It was a special treat to be able to bring my lovely sister from UT along for the ride.  She’s also a big fan and had a ball!

We chased the sun to Waco.  Couldn’t have asked for a prettier day! Emery got her first sunburn (horrible mom moment, it was too fun that I spaced sunscreen).  Check out mine and Emery’s outfit details on the personal style section of my blog, found here!


I didn’t realize the Silos are actually a beautiful backdrop, to a performing stage and grassy area.  They are old rusty Silos, yet somehow Joanna has made them shine.  The grassy turf is an amazing gathering place for family and friends. They have awesome games like Giant Jenga, hula hooping, and corn toss.  People are laughing and enjoying themselves everywhere you look.  


Lovely christian tunes are playing inside and outside. Behind the grass is rows of white picnic tables where people are eating the delicious food offered at one of the many food trucks throughout the grounds.  We purchased a refreshing drink from Luna Juices, and a Blackberry Cream Crepe from the Crepes cart (*highly recommend both*).  


The bakery, Magnolia Flour, was on site and in progress, (even filming was taking place).  I can only imagine how spectacular it is going to be!  The garden area was a favorite of Emery’s.  A garden shop and many other sections were in the works, being beautified.  Clearly Joanna is not even close to done fulfilling this vision.  As you can see above and below, we enjoyed every second!

Thanks for the amazing hospitality Joanna and Chip Gaines. Magnolia was magical, can’t wait for the day I can drop major $moola$ there.  Taking in the environment was a wonderful experience, I have a feeling I’ll be back again very soon!

Warmest Regards,


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