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Dresser Makeover

When I’m being honest my sweet niece is the person I’m most excited to see when we go visit family.   Over the summer we had the good fortune of being in town to celebrate her Birthday!  As my present to her I refinished an old dresser and created some princess art for her room.  It was a small scale project but I learned a lot.

See details below!

The Finished Product

Shelby Room




  • Old yellowish color, handed down from family.
  • Painted with BEHR white paint,  had it color matched with a piece of baseboard from the house.
  • When I couldn’t get good coverage I went to Rustoleum white semi gloss spray paint.
  • Pink crystal hardware is from Hobby Lobby-$2.50 each
  • Bottom hardware was original and spray painted in Rustoleum metallic silver


5 Things NOT TO DO when refinishing furniture!!

During every project you have those “What was I thinking?!” moments.  This project was filled with them!

Learn from my mistakes below.

  1. Never spray paint in the garage with the door shut (even with the window open and the fan on it’s not enough ventilation)  Before you judge too harshly please know their were about a million mosquitoes outside so I thought I was choosing the lesser of two evils.  My headache told me otherwise.
  2. Always protect the floors.  No matter how careful a painter you think you are, it’s never a good idea to paint-especially with spray paint unless you have the floor covered.  Upon moving the dresser I noticed that everywhere else in the garage had a thin film of white….did I mention this was in their NEW house…I felt horrible.
  3. Invest in the right brush.  I resorted to spray paint because I couldn’t get even coverage with the can of paint I bought.  I was using brushes I had found at my moms house, nothing to crummy but not great either.  As I’ve learned now, the brush is usually the problem, not the paint.
  4. I did most the painting at night, bad idea.  Adequate lighting is key.  If you can’t see well chances are your paint job will look uneven.  If at all possible paint in the daylight.
  5. I only sanded a little, and bought the paint and primer in 1 thinking it would be faster.  That was dumb.  Spend the time sanding and priming on the front end, you’ll get a better end result and save yourself time on the back end.


Check out the details for easy princess silhouette art and the mirror in a seperate blog post here.

Warmest Regards,


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