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Easy Princess Silhouette Art

This Princess art is SUPER easy. Here are the steps written first then pictured below:

  1. Google princess silhouettes and cut and paste them in word
  2. Once in word size them proportional with each other .
  3. Print them on white card stock and carefully cut them out.  (So they are black on one side, white on the other side).
  4. Take your open frames (these baroque ones are from Hobby Lobby $15 each–view here *wait for 50% sale or use 40% coupon*) and trace the shape on the background paper. Then carefully cut out background paper to traced size. (Keep in mind the frames are a matte unfinished cream color, I spray painted mine with leftover paint from the dresser, Rustoleum white semi gloss to match sheen and color of the mirror.)
  5. Then place your silhouettes and use a tiny bit of adhesive, I used modge podge to glue the black side down on the cut out background paper.  (I went with sparkly pink paper from Hobby Lobby $1.99 for 12″x12″ sheet.)
  6. Run your art through a laminate machine to give it a sheen and finished look.
  7. Dab some hot glue on the top and bottom to secure your art in the open frame.

princess instructions

princes art instructions
Shelby Room


***TIP- When choosing between multiple layout options lay things out on the floor and snap a picture.   Let some time pass, then view the pictures in a row and see if one really sticks out. See the two layouts I was choosing between below.

princess room2

Princess room

 I love how simple the silhouettes look, yet how creative you can be with them. In the first picture my thoughts were color coordinating all the princess profile silhouettes, but in the end Shelby decided she wanted Aurora (her favorite princess!) and the whole dresses and bright pink, so that’s the way we went!


Every once in a while Walmart pretends to be Target and has a great home decor item.  The baroque mirror is from Walmart, $25 view here. 

Every project begins with a Pinterest board! Check mine out for this room here! 

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