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Hello Friends!  Because I’m incredibly grateful for those who have shared ideas with me, I now hope to shed some inspiration to all who stop by.

Me in 10-

  1. Twenty something.
  2. Left handed.
  3. First I was a Musician.
  4.  I Believe.
  5. From Utah>>Lubbock, TX>>Houston, TX
  6. DIY enthusiast, with an insatiable appetite for all things design.
  7. Bachelors Degree in Health Promotion and Nutrition.
  8. Spent my working days in apartment management.
  9. Med school wife
  10. Stay at home mama to my two babes, Emery & James.

Delight in Design is about finding joy in creation!  Whether it’s your home, business, wardrobe, or workout we constantly participate in designing the details of our lives.   As humans we have an innate desire to create, and thankfully (in this amazing Country) we have the agency to design a life we love.  Here I share exactly how that looks for me.

All the best,